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Hi, welcome to my site!  I'm a self-taught artist.  My work reflects my enjoyment of nature and creation and all things organic...paintings, pottery, and chic ceramic  {fun}  jewelry, some that gives the sense of acquiring it from a museum...Note that all the pieces are one of a kind, there may be two that look similar, but none are exactly the same...Hope you enjoy!...You may purchase my work through this website.

Also please notice a Covid-19 discount price change!

 Please send me an e-mail with any questions about the piece or it's dimensions before you purchase it.


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"Road to 

bomba, Italy"


Acrylic on canvas 20" X16"

My Art is Simply my own design I enjoy myself--also the ceramic jewelry, I wear it myself.  I do not support any political or social views, nor do I promote any of such views.  My website is simply a gallery and platform to exhibit and sale my art and designs.

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Return Policy:  Please double-check dimensions on the piece before purchasing. If you are not satisfied you may return the product within 30 business days of purchase, for a full refund, provided it has not been worn and is in it's original condition, with no wear and tear.

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