Gardening Activities

Since the Coronavirus hit, and we've been quite isolated, wanted to share a few more things we've been doing lately...Here are a few!.......

Our Chateau Pots...this is just an idea for you.. basic plastic pot just painted the other day, we wanted it to be reflective of the patinas you see in old and ancient chateaus...our first try, but liked the results.

We've been shaping these topiaries from japanese

boxwood (left)...starting to have them all over our garden....

To the right, in the toile vase, are many cuttings of bottlebrush, from my bottlebrush trees...after potting them, I have yet to see if any cuttings will root.

….a backyard banana tree...had to share, I think the colors are so amazing!  Of course, I adjusted the lighting.

What I Did This Morning...July 15,      2020...

The two twin pots in the forefront contain about 10 cuttings cut this morning...these root easily, so hopefully we get many plants out of these.

 ...cuttings taken from an asparagus plant, our experience with the asparagus is that if watered regularly, it roots pretty easily.

the potted cuttings of asparagus plant!